Past Projects



This is a colossal 24,000 square feet luxury mansion with over forty rooms and eleven baths. A luxury home built with all the needs of luxury of life including a fully equipped gym, home theater and even an elevator. This mansion also boasts of a master bedroom on two floors, open living room, a fully furnished basement, and double and open stair well. On the estate grounds, you will find attached and detached garages, a guesthouse, a pool with a clubhouse, and tennis and basketball courts.

Project Period: January 2007 - March 2008


Springdale, Maryland – PRIVATE RESIDENCE

Complete addition to the existing structure of a 1,500 square feet property. Addition included a hardwood floor, fire place, a new en-suite master bathroom with walk-in closet, and a two car garage installation.

Completion date May 2010 - August 2010


THE CHURCH OF PENTECOST - 15421 Old Columbia Pike Rd, Burtonsville, Maryland

This is 60,000 square feet redevelopment, which required the conversion of an industrial printing press to a church of assembly use. We however managed to maintain the historic architectural exterior of the building and gutted space unit to build a place of worship, event center and a daycare.

Project Period: September 2011 -March 2013

THE FAITH UNITED MINISTRIES – 7905 Fernham Lane, Forestville, MD

This project entailed acquisition and construction of 40,000 square feet commercial premises, which was converted to multipurpose hall with special lightning effect for a community theater.

Project Period: September 2008 - March 2010.


A 1,500 square feet home addition project including two additional floors to an existing home with the aim of increasing living area. Unfortunately, it was done during a recessive period and we were unable to fund project from banks. However, we were able to work with limited resources and deliver optimally.

Project Period: October 2009 - March 2010