CEO Message

Ola Famuyiwa, MBA

CEO and President of Leeds Realty

On behalf of the Board of Directors, and the entire staff of the Leeds Group, I welcome you to explore this prestigious and well connected residential and commercial real estate sales firm, a marketing, management, engineering and development firm with focus on facets of the real estate industry.

As the president and CEO of Leeds Realty, I appreciate the opportunity you are giving us to assist you, your family and your company with our capabilities. As licensed real estate brokerage, management, building and engineering company, we are equal to the task assigned to us no matter how small the scope of work from assisting first time home buyers to assisting large religious organizations and commercial and property investment seekers in meeting their goals and objectives. We are excited to use our expertise and knowledge of the business to advance and meet your needs.

Leeds’ staffs have the capabilities and opportunity to sell, market, develop, and build residential, commercial and industrial real estate business in a way never seen before. We are positive that you will find us ready, able and willing to assist you make the right investment that will yield and lead to your satisfactions in the future. We would greatly appreciate the chance to serve you in any capacity in meeting your real estate sales and engineering needs,

I can be reached directly on my cellular at +1 (301)-254-3810 or by email at


Ola Famuyiwa, MBA

President and CEO